20 year-
Monthly payout 
we buy Properties in any condition
Customized transfer based on your wants
We professionally maintain your park 

One thing we’re great at…

Making Every Payment.

Our research shows that when investments are sold, one of the highest priorities is to retain as much money as possible. This allows you to invest and have money that will not only last for your lifetime, but will be ample enough to pass onto your children. The Cimis 20 system is extremely efficient at propelling you towards this goal and that means more money for you and more money for your kids. 

Benefits of the Cimis 20 System*

  • 20 year secure payout structure.
  • Stop all management headaches now!
    * Monitoring Managers
    * Keeping up with the latest regulations
    * The No Evictions moratorium
    * Rent Control
  • We structure your deal to maximize:
    * Lowest current and future taxes
    *Zero out of pocket to close, including excise tax.
    * Largest monthly guarenteed checks without worrying
    about investing your money or loss of principle.
    *Allows you time to pursue and live your dreams,
    you’ve worked so hard for.


We solve financing, park or tenant issues and anything else that might arise.

We find a solution!


We understand how many years of your life and heart are invested in your park. 


The same dedication and care that you have put into your park will continue with us. 

Automatic Pay

Monthly payments are set up automatically for the life of  your loan to ensure your payments always arrive on time. 

About us

A Four Generation Company

CIMIS20 is a company built upon the experience of four family generations. Located in the Northwestern part of the United States, we have properties that span across the USA.  We understand the time and dedication you have spent with your mobile home park and promise to carry on the legacy you have built. Properties within the family trust range from mobile home parks to commercial businesses to post offices.


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

No regrets”

J. L.

Former Manufactured Community Owner

I never realized how much time and energy this took. It’s nice that I don’t have to deal with these things anymore.”

The monthly payments just keep coming month after month, allowing me to be involved in my grandkids life.”


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*Each situation is different, please consult with an Attorney or Tax Professional to see how these will apply to your specific situation as it is based solely on our understanding. We are not Attorneys or Tax Professionals.